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Einstein Prediction Builder: How to Turn Your Idea Into a Prediction

Being an #AwesomeAdmin is all about delivering business value with technology that makes our end-users’ lives easier and helps our organizations run more efficiently. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) can help you, as an admin, deliver these results...

Drive your Testing Strategy with Code Coverage

Testing code is part of the basics for developers, but how do you keep track of what needs to be tested? In this post, you’ll learn about code coverage and how it can help you test efficiently. We’ll present a set of tools that you can use to retrieve code coverage...

Episode 57: Cloud Native Buildpacks with Joe Kutner

  Joe Kutner is a Software Architect here at Salesforce working on the Heroku Platform. In this episode, I’m sitting down and talking with Joe about Cloud Native Buildpacks and they are powering cloud based deployments and trends like microservices. We talk about...
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