By putting shoppers at the center of its business, adidas keeps winning.

Speed and agility have been hallmarks of great athletic performance since the earliest Olympic games, and likely before. But speed and agility in retail? That’s not so easy.

A leader in athletic sportswear, shoes, and fashion, adidas is disrupting manufacturing and retail with bespoke design and a digital approach that puts consumers at the center of everything the company does. Joseph Godsey, Head of Digital Brand Commerce, explains that the company “is truly trying to build differentiated experiences, identifying key consumer segments and mapping out experiences tailored to their needs.”

Athletic gear maker adidas is a Trailblazer in digital and online marketing.

The adidas website is a key part of a platform through which the brand can offer premium, connected, and personalized experiences. Godsey said, “We ensure that our work in digital is aligned with our core belief: Through sports, we have the power to change lives. We realized that digital is the best way to enable this through the relationship we can create with consumers.”

The company’s most important store is no longer a physical store: It is the dot-com sites, and Salesforce is an important partner for delivering the company’s digital transformation.

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