We combine cutting edge design with the latest Web technologies to create Internet sites that gets our clients noticed

Online Experience and Marketing Consulting

Your Web site – is it working for you?

An organization’s needs for an internet or intranet site are as varied as there are organizations. A critical step in developing a new site is evaluating your needs and developing corresponding objectives. These objectives will guide the development of the site and will enable you to evaluate its effectiveness.

How can we help?

We combine cutting edge design with the latest Web technologies to create Internet sites that get our clients noticed, and intranet sites that users will appreciate. We handle large and small projects encompassing a broad range of development, consulting and training services to meet our clients’ varied needs and available resources.
Our Web projects involve the use of various Web publishing technologies. We also have extensive experience in integrating and customizing Open Source Web Applications as a cost-effective solution for our clients.
The following is an overview of the services we provide:

Web development

Informus has extensive Web development experience in mobile, intranet and internet sites and in the use of various Web publishing technologies such as PhoneGap, HTML5, Javascript, Javascript Frameworks such as Angular, Node.js, JSON, HTML5 BoilerPLate, Bootstrap, Responsive Design, Apple Swift, C#, PHP, XML, MySQL, Flash, Adobe PDF, as well as digital video and sound formats.
We are also well versed in social media management, web analytics, pay per click management, JIRA, Webex and the integration of all these technologies together. We have extended experience with commercial and open-source Learning Management System as well as Salesforce integration and development. We provide a broad range of Web development, consulting and training services to meet varied needs and available resources.
Prior to undertaking the building of your site, our web development consulting services can help you with:

  • Needs assessment and strategy development – to ensure that your site is fully integrated into your operations and that it supports your organizational goals
  • Web architecture design – we can design an architecture to structure your site’s information that will optimize navigation, allow your customers to find the information they seek with a minimum number of clicks, and guide future development of the site
  • Specifications development – we can ensure that the specifications accurately reflect your business processes so that development costs are minimized
  • Web marketing – we can help you develop and implement social media and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies as well as online advertising campaigns to increase the efficiency of your online marketing effort

Web design & Marketing

We can deliver complete Web projects, or we can provide you with templates so that you can easily add and maintain your own content. We also have extensive experience in graphic and interface design for various types of Web applications such as content management systems (CMS), e-commerce sites, Learning Management Systems (LMS), employee portals, etc.

Web application development

We create fully searchable dynamic Internet and intranet sites, e-commerce sites, as well as Web-based administration and management applications. Web applications allow you to create a fully interactive Web experience, so that your site becomes a vital tool for all your users. We offer the following Web application development services:

  • Web application development for business processes – we create Web applications for various business needs such as human resources management, performance evaluation, accounting, etc. Applications can be accessed through a Web browser with unlimited and cost-free scalability
  • e-commerce sites – we can make your Web site a part of your sales force with an online catalogue of your products, interactive product demonstrations, and a shopping cart with secure online transactions
  • PDF forms – we make PDF forms dynamic. Use PDF forms to populate a database, or to retrieve data from a database to populate a form
  • Open source Web application solutions – benefit from the thousands of hours of work contributed by open source community developers and Informus’ ability to install, implement, improve, or customize an open source Web application for your specific needs